Fabulous book for those in grades 2-6 about the sacraments

Available to those in Australia and New Zealand

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Young people planning on celebrating Confirmation before First Communion, who end up saving the life of their local bishop!

These sacraments are explored in an illustrated action-adventure written specially for those aged 7-12.

‘A creative literary way to understanding the sacraments which could assist our young in the processes of formation.’
+ Ken Howell, Auxiliary Bishop,                                 Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia

‘There is nothing like an adventure story to engage younger readers. This book has it all: theft, break-ins and, yes, a missing bishop. Twins Dan and Maura to the rescue! But what is more amazing is the way so much solid teaching on the sacraments has been integrated into the narrative. This is an exciting way to engage children in their own conversations about Church and sacraments.’    
Rev. Dr. Tom Elich,  Director, Liturgy Brisbane, Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia


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A fabulous book you can read with your children!


A terrific book which I really enjoyed reading with my son.
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