Jordan Knottman

As both a primary school teacher and someone passionate about the sacraments Jordan Knottman struggled with the best way to convey this information to students.

Watching what young students enjoyed, Jordan realised the elements of an action-adventure story could be combined with some essential sacramental theology.

So, ‘Saving the Bishop’ then came to be born!

Jordan began as primary school teacher with grades celebrating their First Communion, before moving into being responsible for co-ordination of Religious Education of entire Catholic primary schools (as an REC in NSW and eventually APRE in QLD).

Studies began at Signadou Teachers College (now part of the Australian Catholic University) in Canberra, continued on to a degree in Theology (at Yarra Theological Union in Melbourne) followed by a Masters in Arts (Liturgical Studies) at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

As science improved new tests developed. Not until Jordan was actually a teacher was it discovered that both dyslexia (confusion with numbers) and dyscalculia (number confusion) had been a part of Jordan’s early struggles at school. Then when studying for a Masters at university in America it was discovered that ADHD had also made learning tough.

Jordan was born in Ealing, London UK and grew up in Australia. Having lived in many areas of Australia; New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia, in both small towns and large cities, Jordan currently resides in Queensland.

Jordan enjoys fun times with friends, praying, reading, thinking, sharing, movies and heaps of chocolate!

But doesn’t like having to get up early, piles of work or when people fight.

Jordan’s past pets include a Great Dane puppy called Carla, cats named Seigfried and Sebastian, baby possums that have been bottle fed & let back into the wild, lots of guinea pigs and rabbits, an axolotl and loads of tropical fish.

While the idea of this book was conceived early this century, extreme ill-health has meant it has taken an awfully long time to produce!