Reader Resources
Reader Resources is a company who aim to support our planet in every way possible.

They hold a strong commitment to assisting others, especially those forced to live in third world surroundings. They also work hard to ensure our world’s resources are used in the very best way possible.

50% of all company profits are given to charities that support people struggling with poverty.

Currently more than 40% is donated to Caritas and the remainder to groups such as the L’Arche community.

One of the key aspects in the construction of this book was environmental support.

With that in mind it was essential that the paper the book was printed on was at least 70% recycled, entirely FSC paper and that all inks used were only vegetable based.


The bookmarks given out to parishes and schools regarding the book, cost close to ten times the price of the usual bulk-printed slice of coloured cardboard printed in Australia. That’s because they were all specially hand-made by members of the L’Arche community of Punla in the Philippines.

Hand-making paper is not easy! Grasses are hand cut and then carefully dried before being carefully cooked, processed and then carefully pressed into screens.
This community make lots of beautifully hand-painted bookmarks.

Click the button below for some lovely information about the L’Arche Punla community; they also have a page on facebook.